Sukurusu Implementation Center

Sukurusu Implementation Center

Sukurusu Implementation Center has been working on handmade recycled paper products since December 2009 to draw attention on importance of recycling.

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Working on raising awareness of people about environmental issues, Sukurusu realizes the value of paper which we easily use and dismiss in daily life and to create new materials from paper which are too good to get rid of. Prominence of the work carried out at Sukurusu is that the recycling process is done by hand. The workshop collects waste paper, turns them into handmade objects and in this way revives the old art of paper making with its own special texture and variety which they convey to new designs. The contributions of the Implementation Centre is not limited to the amount of paper recycled but lie in the awareness it raises about waste recycling by the effects of remarkable activities leave in the minds of people. Thus, visitors of Sukurusu –at any age- are attracted by the result, and as well with the action of recycling."

Some examples of Sukurusu Projects are; new-year postcards on behalf of the mayor to create employment facilities for women, handmade recycled paper designs of personal cards, certificates, souvenirs that represents Eskişehir and some other printed materials needed for Tepebaşı Municipality. The related works are shaped to educate children about environmental issues. Between January and May of 2010, 720 primary school students joined an interactive programme in the workshop. After watching fun presentations and discussing about wastes, they made objects by recycling paper. This way, students are given the chance to reinforce what they have learned about recycling. Tepebaşı Municipality has held an exhibit on the World Environment Day to display those objects.

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After this successful experience, a more effective and far-reaching programme has become a will for 2011 Project. Consequently, new project has been decided to include various environmental problems and solutions which will yield not only enlightening, but also action.

2011 Sukurusu Project was designed for children, aiming to teach most of the environmental problems and solutions in an interactive, practical and social way. Context of the project was to illustrate how human activities affect the nature and cause air, water and soil pollutions in the meaning of global climate change or extinction of living things or depletion of natural resources.

63 primary schools cooperates with Tepebaşı Municipality for the project which meets 150 children each week.

Feedback of teachers, parents and media shows the aim is impressively actualized. 15 reports; 2 local and 2 national TV programs were broadcast in first 6 weeks.

Another achievement of the atelier is production of handmade paper. Over 100 products have been designed in Sukurusu until 2012.

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