What is Tepebasi 'Future Living' Lab?

Tepebasi 'Future Living' Lab

The Social enterprise model within TFLL is a new model and approach which should have a great effects to Turkey. Social enterprise means lot for Turkey as "a subject of social entrepreneurship".

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Tepebasi "Future Living" Lab support a newly form of a new legal entity (under establishment) to fulfils principles of the social enterprise for Tepebasi Municipality. Specific types of social enterprise, that are undergoing pilot verification within a new Living Lab project of Tepebasi "Future Living" Lab that are already functioning in other European countries, The new social enterprise of Tepebasi will be a social firm employing already disadvantaged target groups , other low income communities, and municipal social cooperatives as a suitable form of entrepreneurship with the view of development of local community and it will be a part of Tepebasi Municipality. Tepebasi "Future Living" Lab experts are defined the Social entrepreneurship very broadly in accordance with the local needs and interests. Beside employment of the people disadvantaged at the labour market it also includes organizations providing public benefit services in the area of social inclusion and local development including environmental activities, individuals from the disadvantaged groups active in business and also complementary activities of NGOs destined to reinvest profit into the main public benefit activity of an organization.

Social entrepreneurship defined in such a wide way should not be directly bound to legal benefits and financial support because the concept of social entrepreneurship might be then threatened by misuse and disintegration. Conditions of eventual legal and financial support should be discussed by experts of not only TFLL but also decision makers, sociologists and researchers in the next future in Tepebasi.