The main values and services of Tepebasi "Future Living" actors are to provide large scale activities and projects in different public services to high impacts to social inclusion , using the social enterprise approach and social innovation by its social networks and social networkers, including high number of voluntary people.

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The focus of Tepebasi "Future Living" Lab is on how ICT can assist the social inclusion of isolated, marginalised and impoverished communities into the global knowledge economy; bridging the digital divide and supporting the development of strong and healthy indigenous communities and using social innovation approach.

Tepebasi Municipality has several departments including Tepebaşı Belediyesi Dış İlişkiler Müdürlüğü (Tepebasi Municipality External Relations Department) that conducts various activities respectively that are WHO Healthy Cities Program at local level, Women's Services, Youth Services, Children Services, Social and cultural activities including International Terra Cotta Symposium which is held annually with high international success and prestige.

The List of assets/values what TFLL offers and provide to the user communities:

- providing both cached and direct internet experiences in public locations to underserved, poor populations;
- assisting with information literacy by informal learning;
- allowing communities to upload local knowledge to their own websites;
- using instructional games as a teaching method; encourage creation of music and moving images of local relevance;
- encouraging use of languages other than Turkish;
- providing up-to-date knowledge for use in the classrooms at Public Centers;
- permitting wireless networking in each locations (Kid Center, Youth Center, Public Centers, Art Center)
- acting as a stepping stone to more sophisticated computer usage;
- helping with community development by promoting group interaction.